Final Fantasy 0

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January 15th, 2015, 3:51 pm
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Merone January 15th, 2015, 3:51 pm
Surpriiiiiise Sheesh, Snow. How did you not notice the black mage is a girl? Didn't those curves give it away?
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DracheLehre January 15th, 2015, 4:36 pm
I mean, really, it's common knowledge, dude...
Merone January 16th, 2015, 11:17 am
@DracheLehre: right? :P
kingdomguy15 January 15th, 2015, 9:48 pm
A Black Mage can be anything they want to be. Snow, your a white mage. you should know better than to archetype people before knowing them.
Merone January 16th, 2015, 11:15 am
@kingdomguy15: You tell him! *cheers*
jonasfx January 16th, 2015, 3:48 am
snow needed a good counter weight anyway xD
Merone January 16th, 2015, 11:16 am
@jonasfx: You got that right! :D
Blue-Hood-Zed January 16th, 2015, 4:20 pm
So that's why she burned his hand! XD
Merone January 22nd, 2015, 2:52 pm
@Blue-Hood-Zed: Of course it's because she needs no wingman :P